Imani K. Brown

Hi there! I am Imani K Brown, the Avant-garde expert of intuitive tattooing and branding. -aka- ipukekawaii. I am a proud DC native, pink personality, alternative fashion lovin' & kawaii livin' rare expert Black female tattoo artist / illustrator, author, visionary and art CEO of Little INKPLAY Shop®, DC's beloved Tattoo Fashion House & Kawaii Culture Hub.

We welcome unconventional dream chasing - practicing and preaching what I've coined as tattoo 'therapy' - a peer to peer holistic healing medium intentionally used to help individuals reimagine their relationship with themselves - both physically (aesthetically) and mentally.

YES! We recognize tattoo is not for everyone. But the act of giving yourself permission to courageously exist without compromising your individuality through creative forms of self-expression IS! So, in our atelier we also sing the psalms of YUME (you may) through apparel and personal brand development + coaching.

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