Taking Action Archive – 2018

December 18, 2018: How many DC residents died while homeless on the streets this year? Is Mayor Bowser making progress towards her goal to “ending homelessness” in DC? Homeless advocates memorialize the dead while continuing their fight for those living without housing. Guests: Robert Warren and Reggie Black of People for Fairness Coalition, and Amber Harding of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.
December 11, 2018: Local organizers reflect on the 10th Anniversary of DC being declared a Human Rights City, and the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. Guests: Rachel Bergsieker of American Friends Service Committee, Maurice Cook of ONE DC, David Schwartzman of the DC Statehood Green Party 
November 27, 2018: Save Our Vote: When DC voters approved Initiative 77 to raise the tipped minimum wage, the DC Council quickly passed a bill to repeal the vote. Now a new coalition is sending a message not to mess with the will of voters with a Referendum to “repeal the repeal.” Guests: Maurice Cook, David Thurston and Trupti Patel of Save Our Vote
November 20, 2018: Luxury development, public subsidy? Residents say this Dupont Circle development doesn’t need public money and the DC Chief Financial Officer agrees – so why is the DC Council considering it?  Guests:Nick DelleDonne, ANC Commissioner ANC 2B04; Robin Diener, President, Dupont Circle Citizens Association; Iris Green, longtime resident
SPECIAL EPISODE November 1, 2018: At-Large DC Council candidates share their views on development, displacement & gentrification Guests: Elissa Silverman, Dionne Reeder, Rustin Lewis, Ralph Chittams & David Schwartzman
October 30, 2018: $100 Million for Developers? The DC Council will soon consider Mayor Bowser’s proposal to direct over $100 million in tax dollars – via Tax Increment Financing – to accelerate large development projects including Reunion Square in Anacostia and Brookland Manor. Our guests discuss the impact that could have on efforts to stop the displacement of long term residents. Guests: William Merrifield and Akela Crawford of Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless; Ms Minnie Elliott and Ms Yvonne Johnson of Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association; Ari Theresa of Stoop Law
October 23, 2018: Renewable Energy & Racial Equity: The DC Council is considering legislation that would require 100% of energy be from renewable sources by 2032 – that’s a good move for the environment. But with increasing racial inequity in our city – and a Pepco substation planned next door to a DC Public School – how can renewable energy be carried out in a way that addresses racial equity too? Guests: Tiffany Aziz, Not in My Community; Nikhil Balakumar, Greentel Group; Robert Robinson, DC Consumer Utility Board; Jamie DeMarco, Citizen’s Climate Lobby
October 16, 2018: WHEN DEVELOPERS ATTACK: Ward 7 ANC Commissioner Anthony Lorenzo Green reflects on the connection between ongoing police harassment & the recent move by a city-backed developer to wrongfully shutter businesses in his community, including Nook’s Barber Shop. And, Jeffrey Anderson of the District Dig and Kirby Vining of Friends of McMillan Park detail the city’s self-serving and corrupt development process exemplified by the decades-long fight over the historic McMillan Park. Guests:  Anthony Lorenzo Green, ANC Commissioner 7C04; Jeffrey Anderson, District Dig; Kirby Vining, Friends of McMillan Park
October 9, 2018: Children’s Health & Preventing Exposure: Children are among the most vulnerable to hazardous environmental conditions like lead, mold and pests – which are common in DC’s deteriorated housing stock. So, what can we do to protect them? Guests: Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, Executive Director, Children’s Environmental Health Network; Dr Muriel Wolfe, Chairperson of the Lead & Healthy Homes Advisory Board of the DC Department of Energy & the Environment
October 2, 2018: Musicians fight for the right to be heard in a gentrifying DC: Local artists and activists organize against a DC Council proposal that threatens to criminalize street music and protest in the name of “noise control.” Guests: Kymone Freeman, We Act Radio; Chris Naoum, Listen Local First; Dion Ashley – artist; Graham Smith-White
September 25, 2018: Eaton Workshop: A new DC hotel for “change makers and creatives” aims to support social justice while making a profit. Director of Impact Sebi Medina-Tayac shares their approach, and details of the #HumanProgressFestival taking place during the grand opening this weekend, along with David Thurston and Alejandra Jacinta of No Justice No Pride. Plus, Brigette Rouson joins us with an update from the Diverse City Fund, DC’s only grassroots grant making fund supporting organizing efforts led by people of color. Guests:First segment: Sebi Medina-Tayac, David Thurston, Alejandra Jacinta; Second segment: Brigette Rouson
September 18, 2018: An #HUResist update with guest host Jonathan Hutto
September 11, 2018: Phil Mendelson has been an elected DC Councilman for nearly 20 years. In his current position of Chair of the Council, Mendelson has powers which shape the role and impact of his Council peers. We’re checking in with the Chairman to get his take on the state of the city and his upcoming legislative priorities. Guests: Phil Mendelson, DC Council Chairman
September 4, 2018: DC Black Repertory Theater Celebrated: After the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, DC-born actor Robert Hooks returned home to create a cultural institution that could help heal the city. Now it’s alumni including guests Lyn Dyson and Ronald Stevens celebrate his impact with events commemorating The 47th Anniversary of the The DC Black Repertory Company And – Rev George Gilbert shares how faith leaders are joining workers and advocates to defend Initiative 77, which authorized a raise in the minimum wage for tipped employees, from the threat of appeal by the DC Council. Guests: First Segment: Robert Hooks, Ronald Smokey Stevens, Lyn Dyson; Second segment: Rev George Gilbert
August 21, 2018: On Saturday, August 18th residents gathered to speak out about what Barry Farm means to them, remember those who have been displaced and strengthen their resolve to save their community. On this show we unpack what happened that day and what building power means for the people involved. Guest Host: Daniel del Pielago Guests:Nicole Odom,  Sabiyha Prince
August 14, 2018: Organizers share how Black Lives Matter and affiliated groups organized to outnumber white supremacists by the thousands, using arts and culture to build unity for Black liberation. Guests:Tiffany NeeNee Taylor, Black Lives Matter DC; David Thurston, 411 Collective
August 7, 2018: Parent protest planned substation: Exposure to radiation threatens low income school children, next door to massive proposed Pepco substation. Parents and experts are fighting back – find out how you can help!  Guests:Tiffany Aziz, parent of student at Walker-Jones Elementary School; Elizabeth Kelley, Executive Director, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.; Nathan Brown, resident and candidate for DC Council; Will Jones, community resident
July 31, 2018: Homeless Families Demand Justice: Meet the women who are leading efforts to win improvements for DC’s homeless families – despite facing homelessness themselves. Jewel Stroman and Kisha Mcdougald share their battle against run-down motels, sexual harassment, broken housing programs and denial of services. Guests:Jewel Stroman, Kisha Macdougland –homeless self-advocates; Kenneth Clark –Breathe is Life Ministries
July 24, 2018: Despite enduring years of lies and broken promises from the DC Housing Authority and the DC government, Barry Farm residents continue to organize against displacement. Members of the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association will join us with an update on their fight, and how you can help. Guests:Barry Farm residents Detrice Belt, Nicole Odom and Keisha Campbell
July 17, 2018: Mold, Infestation at Montana Terrace public housing community: residents struggle to save their homes and their health amid terrible housing conditions. AND – J20 update: 200+ protesters of the Trump Inauguration faced charges carrying 70 years in prison. All have now been cleared, but how did this affect their lives? Guests: Montana Terrace public housing residents Ms Yahvon Early and Ms Gretchen Helm, and housing organizer Yasmina Mrabet Second segment: David Thurston and Dylan Petrohilos of J20 Resist
July 10, 2018: The state of DC public schools: As the Mayor announces her search for the new schools Chancellor, we’re talking about the state of DC public education – years into Mayoral control and “reform.” Our guests include Tallya Rhodes, Woodson HS class of 2018, Laura Fuchs, Woodson HS teacher and active Washington Teachers’ Union member, and Markus E. Batchelor, Ward 8 representative on the State Board of Education. Guests: Tallya Rhodes, Woodson HS class of 2018; Laura Fuchs, Wood HS teacher; Markus Bachelor, State Board of Education, Ward 8 representative

July 3, 2018: How gentrification harms our health: As the DC government pushes development throughout the city, existing lower income residents see their health decline from the stress of displacement, exposure to toxins, poor housing conditions and more. We’re talking with Tiffany Aziz who is fighting a Pepco Substation next to her child’s school, Amber Harding of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless who is fighting remediation and demolition on the DC General campus, and Talisea Barnes who resides there, Nicole Odom a resident of Barry Farm about how the fences installed by the DC Housing Authority are affecting her children, and journalist Barrington Salmon about his recent series on the connection between gentrification and health. Guests:Tiffany Aziz, Nicole Odom, Amber Harding, Telisea Barnes, Barrington Salmon
June 26, 2018: For over 40 years Ivy City residents have fought to have the heart of their community, the Alexander Crummell School, restored for public use.  Mayor Bowser has proposed turning the site into high-cost condos, and the community is urging the City Council not to go along with it.  We’re talking with residents about their ongoing fight for community use – not condos – at Crummell School.  Guests:Minister Michael Thompson, Bethesda Baptist Church, Harry Thomas, Jr, Remetter C Freeman, Brenda Ingram-Best 
June 19, 2018:  As Ivy City residents prepare for the June 27th City Council hearing to demand Crummell for Community! NOT Condos!, we revisit the Ivy City Neighborhood Oral History Project, originally produced in 2005, which documents their struggle to have the historic Crummell School restored for public use, and highlights the amazing history of Ivy City one of DC’s most historic Black communities.
June 12, 2018:  This is a special show as part of the 12-hour Homelessness Marathon. Impacted residents speak out about shelter conditions, the failures of Rapid Rehousing, and the need for anti-discrimination legislation  Guests: Jewel Stroman and Travonna Brooks of People Power Action, and Reginald Black of People for Fairness Coalition
June 5, 2018: ONE FAIR WAGE: hear from some of the organizers behind Initiative 77, on the ballot June 19th in DC, on why they are pushing to eliminate tipped wages by 2025. Guests: Jessica Wynter Martin and Candace Cunningham of Restaurant Opportunities Center – DC
May 29, 2018: Leading LGBTQ organizers from No Justice No Pride explain the growing protest movement calling out Capital Pride for contributing to systems of oppression Guests: Emmelia Talarico, David Thurston & Traciee
May 22, 2018: The Amazon corporation is looking for a new headquarters – why are DC’s social justice advocates saying “Obviously Not DC?” Guests: Monica Kamen, DC Fair budget Coalition & Whitney Shepard 
May 8, 2018: What is Equitable Development? We’re talking with Ron Hantz, President of the Network for Developing Conscious Communities and Carlton Eley, Environmental Justice & equity expert about what it takes to make development truly equitable. Guests: Ron Hantz, President, Network for Developing Conscious Communities & Carlton Eley, Environmental Justice & Equity expert
May 1, 2018: What’s next for Barry Farm?  An update on the ongoing struggle against displacement, and analysis of the recent victory in the Court of Appeals.  Guests:  Attorney Ari Theresa, Barry Farm Tenants and Allies leaders Paulette Matthews and Nicole Odom, activist Chris Otten
April 24, 2018: DC Auditor Kathy Patterson joins us to talk about the role of her office in uncovering mismanagement, fraud, waste and abuse within DC government agencies. She will discuss recent reports on the failure of DC agencies to meet the affordability mandates of projects funded by the Housing Production Trust Fund, and failure to enforce local hiring requirements. Guests:  Kathy Patterson, DC Auditor
April 17, 2018: 50 years after passage of the Fair Housing Act, why does racial discrimination in housing persist in DC?   Guests:  Attorney Brook Hill, Washington Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights; UDC Law Student Maria Suarez
April 10, 2018: #HURESIST Takeover: Students from the front lines of the Howard University takeover share their motivation, experience and vision for the future. Guests:  Jonathan Hutton, organizer and Howard alumni, HUResist members: Maya McCollum, Oliver Robinson, Eli Breidford
April 3, 2018: 50 years after the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr faith leaders are committed to finishing the work of ending racism in America – but how will they do it?  We’re talking about the ACT to End Racism initiative which kicks off in DC today.  Guests: James Winkler, National Council of Churches ; Rev. Dr. Leslie Copeland Tune – Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
March 27, 2018: How property tax appeals are helping some DC residents fight gentrification and displacement. Guests: Campbell Johnson, Urban Housing Alliance 
March 20, 2018: The People’s State of the District: A community response to the Mayor’s State of the District Address Guests: Breyuanna Campbell & Tyrone Curtis, People Power Action; Monica Kamen, Fair Budget Coalition
March 13, 2018: We’re talking education, guaranteed basic income, DC development and more with At-Large Councilman David Grosso. Then, a quick update on the DC General Shelter with Amber Harding of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. Guests: At-Large Councilman David Grosso; Amber Harding of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless
March 6, 2018: DC’s Comprehensive Scam – how the Mayor and Office of Planning are trying to make it even easier for developers to spread gentrification throughout the city by gutting the city’s Comprehensive Plan. We’re talking with neighborhood residents who are fighting back through the DC Grassroots Planning Coalition. Guests: Ward 7 resident Laura Richards, Ward 5 resident Guy Durant, and Ward 1 residents William Jordan and Chris R. Ott
February 27, 2018: Have you looked at your water bill recently? New charges levied by DC Water are so high, some DC churches, cemeteries and homeowners fear they will lead to displacement. Hundreds have joined forces to form the DC Rivers Coalition and are calling on elected officials to take a stand.  Guests: Robert Robinson of the DC Consumer Utility Board, Craig M. Muckle of the Archdiocese of Washington
February 20, 2018: Yesenia Rivera shares how Solar United Neighbors is making solar energy accessible and widespread through the District.  And Stephanie Sneed of Fair Budget Coalition gives us a primer on the city’s process and shares the coalition’s top priorities for budget advocacy this year.  Guests: Yesenia Rivera, Solar United Neighbors & Stephanie Sneed, Fair Budget Coalition
February 13, 2018: US Marshalls evicted Donya Williams and her 12 year old daughter at gun point, forcing her onto the street half naked. Now she’s fighting back with the help of ACLU of the District of Columbia. We’re talking with Donya, ACLU attorney Scott Michelman and attorney Caitlin Cocilova of the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless about the role of eviction in DC’s housing crisis Guests: Scott Michelman, Senior Attorney, ACLU of DC, Donya Williams, DC resident, Caitlin Cocilova, attorney, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless
February 6, 2018: Residents in Congress Heights who are organizing against displacement plan a march on a slum landlord’s Cleveland Park home, and Black churches convene residents to talk about whether to “Stay, Go or Change” in the gentrifying city. Guests: Will Merrifield, Attorney, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless; Yasmina Mrabet, Organizer, ONE DC; Mr Green – Congress Heights tenant leader;  Pastor Wallace C Smith, Shiloh Baptist Church
January 30, 2018: What’s the status of lead water lines in DC, and what can we do about it? Guests from Black Millennials for Flint and students from University of the District of Columbia share their research and ongoing work to stop lead poisoning. Guests: Black Millennials for Flint – Director of Advocacy, Michelle Mabson & Director of Strategic Alliances, Krystina White; UDC students – Mariana Barros & Natashia Benjamin
January 23, 2018: Rev. Graylan Hagler guest hosts and discusses the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, with guest Rev. Liz Theoharis, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, Co-Director of the Kairos Center and author of Always With Us: What Jesus Really Said About the Poor. Find out about the national mobilization and local opportunities to plug in, including the Poor People’s Campaign: Mass Meeting in Washington, D.C. and the Jan 25th meeting at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ.
January 16, 2018: Developers, politics, and the city’s Comprehensive Plan: amending “the plan” could mean opening the floodgates of development and displacement. But residents like our guests Ward 7 ANC Commissioner Sherice A. Muhammad, Ward 8 attorney Ari Theresa and activist Chris R. Otten are urging residents to fight back Guests: Sherice Muhammad, Ari Theresa, Chris Otten
January 9, 2018: Historian CR Gibbs is a preeminent scholar and lecturer on African American history, from the roots of civilization through enslavement, abolition and beyond.  We’re talking with Mr Gibbs about his upcoming free lecture series and his take on the loss of Black spaces here in DC, the impact on our city and our people. Guest:  CR Gibbs, Historian
January 2, 2018: Some of DC’s hardest working Organizers share their thoughts on the state of the movement for justice here in DC, the lessons of 2017 and plans for 2018. Guests: Emmelia Augusta TalaricoDavid Thurston andTracye Prince DeSon who have worked with movements including Black Lives Matter DCNo Justice No PrideDefend J20 ResistanceSave Our System and many others.

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