Meet the Fellows


Photos courtesy of Daniel del Pielago

Why I 0rganize:
“I organize so I can have the knowledge to empower myself and others solving problems that arise in the community and cities where I live”

Why I Organize:
“I organize because it’s my purpose, passion and prayer to help, assist and mobilize people to change any and all circumstances to correct any wrong or injustice.  Organizing is the only way, so Organize People!”

Why I Organize:

“I want justice for everyone, to try to stop displacement, I want laws that benefit my people and all people.  I like a feeling of community love in my neighborhood and I fight for this reason.”

Why I Organize:
“I don’t like what’s going on with Public Housing and how the city is being run.”

Why I Organize:
“When I first came to Barry Farm, I was very scared. I had never lived in public housing before. It was my starting point.  Over the years I noticed the neighborhood changing.  People were leaving, houses throughout the community were boarded up. It was very concerning for me.  Organizing has given me a clearer picture of the deception going on with the housing authority. I look forward to bringing awareness to residents, like myself, who have no idea of the dangers their families are facing with public housing being phased out.  I organize because I realize I have to do it for my community.”


Organizing Community Power!